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Countermeasures against COVID-19

The Bank has stipulated “Chang Hwa Bank Business Continuity Plan (BCP)” and “Chang Hwa Bank Directions of Emergency Response Measures for Compulsory Collective Isolation Responding to Epidemics,” in case the event of a major outbreak, various business activities can continue to operate normally.
In response to COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank has stipulated “Anti-Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention Plan” and has formed “Chang Hwa Bank Pandemic Prevention Program Responsible Team” led by the President. We engaged a Chief Anti-pandemic Officer at the executive vice president level in 2022 to adjust various anti-pandemic prevention measures in a flexible and realtime manner as per the information released by the Central Epidemic Command Center to reduce the risk of infection among employees. The relevant countermeasures are as follows:
  1. Employees shall wear masks and take body temperature daily to self-manage their own health, while dedicated personnel are appointed to monitor the online system of “Employee Daily Attendance and COVID-19 Notification Daily Report.” If there are any abnormal health conditions, the personnel will learn about and track the situation immediately, while providing assistances related to precautionary assistance.
  2. We required all units to reinforce the management of cleaning and disinfection of the office environment and established a list of licensed disinfection companies in advance, to facilitate real-time communication in case of emergency. All units appoint professional licensed suppliers to disinfect and clean the office environment regularly (at least once every three months), and clean the public areas of the workplace at any time (at least 3 times a day), use alcohol or bleach to wipe the surfaces of objects that frequently touched by hands, and keep records accordingly for future reference.
  3. We required all units to have the ventilation systems maintained and cleaned once a year, the cabinet vents and filters cleaned every six months, and the air-conditioning cooling towers cleaned every six months, with records kept.
  4. To reduce direct contact among employees, the Bank’s Beitou Guest House has temporarily suspended services.
  5. We required the employee restaurant to set up partitions in the dining area and provided alcohol for employees to use, while urging caterers to enhance environmental cleaning and keep records. Such records would be randomly inspected by the General Affairs Division. We distributed plastic gloves in the restaurant at noon for employees to wear while taking food to avoid hands as a source of cross infection.
  6. We reinforced the management and control of external personnel, and required external construction supplier to fill out the anti-pandemic measure checklist as required every day to prevent employees' infection due to construction personnel.
  7. Purchased 7,000 protective masks to distribute to domestic colleagues, dispatched personnel, and security personnel to wear; purchased 8,400 doses of rapid screening reagents to be distributed to regional operation offices, remote branches and the head office for backup; provided 500 pieces for emergency dispatch by the international operation office.
  8. To strengthen the protection of office space, each unit purchases partitions by itself after assessing their needs, and the head office bears the cost of each unit within a certain budget.
  9. In order to take immediate care of and help diagnose the daily necessities of colleagues, 3,420 “home care care kits” were purchased in 2022 and issued to diagnosed colleagues in Taiwan.
  10. The international epidemic is severe. Before employees go to work overseas, they are trained in infection prevention education. In addition, the online course “Epidemic prevention in the post-pandemic era” was recorded to enhance the health intelligence of colleagues and enrich their epidemic prevention knowledge.
  11. Employees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection.

COVID-19 Confirmed Case Notification Mechanism