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Employee Cultivation and Development

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing financial environment, the Bank has established systematic and diversified education and training resources. Also, the annual education and training plan is formulated based on the overall business goals of the year. Diverse careers of our employees are assisted to develop. Physical, digital and external educational training opportunities for employees on active duty are provided on a regular basis. A full range of finance-related professional courses are planned as well as a perfect talent cultivation system and training mechanism has been established. Our human capital is therefore enriched through the continuous cultivation of financial professional functions and second professionals and cross-field capabilities. Also, we are committed to the spirit and basic principles of protecting human rights revealed in various international human rights conventions, which is to equally implement employee education and training regardless of age, gender, and race.

Educational Institution Partners

Employee Education and Training

Physical Course and Digital Learning

  1. The Bank provides physical and online core business education and training courses, including (corporate financial / personal financial) credit loans, (elementary / advanced) foreign exchange, wealth management, compliance with trust laws and regulations, AML, derivative financial product business regulations and practices, etc. There are 169 credit courses, 64 deposit and remit money courses, and 72 foreign exchange courses.
  2. Furthermore, a new generation of e-learning system (CHB E-learning System) is established to classify according to the type of business and the type of job. Our employees can systematically learn and use this system to improve the learning results of interdisciplinary job functions. Currently, more than 725 digital online courses are available. Our employees can read and use these courses through mobile phones or other mobile devices without being limited by time and space. In this way, the expected goal of cultivating employees with second expertise and interdisciplinary capabilities is achieved.
  3. ► Training Accomplishments
  4. The Bank continues to incorporate learning via digital and physical courses to help employees accumulate financial professional capabilities. As of December 31, 2022, the total number of training hours conducted was 413,044.62 hours, with an average of 61.85 training hours per employee and the average amount spent per employee on training was NT$5,352 .
  5. Training Accomplishments

Ability of Foreign Languages and Cultivation of Function

  1. The Bank attaches great importance to the career development of its employees. In response to the fact that employees' career may be ended due to retirement or other reasons, during the period when employees are serving the Bank, employees are supported by diversified training channels to enhance their professional knowledge, and employees are encouraged to participate in various vocational training courses and certificate exams. The Bank provides all employees with free online English courses and Commonwealth Leader Campus digital learning platform (including eight core functions and management training courses) to assist employees in their transformation, so that they can be equipped with relevant professional skills after retirement or resignation and the ability to continue employment and change careers.
  2. Annual educational training is carried out, and the internal certification and evaluation mechanism of the core business is conducted. Currently, the number of colleagues who have obtained internal certificates: 3,500 people with credit certificates, 4,504 people with deposit and remit money certificates, and 2,666 people with foreign exchange certificates.

Employee Development Programs

  1. Cultivation of clerks in the core business of the seventh grade
    Comprehensive professional talents are cultivated through job rotation and work experience in the Bank's front and back offices in order to expand core business and cultivate talents in overseas branches.
    1. Business Benefit
      A total of 225 people have been cultivated over the years. Currently, 38 personnel are assigned to overseas branches to serve in order to expand the development of international financial business.
  2. Corporate ESG personnel training program
    To capture ESG financial product opportunities, the Bank implements an ESG personnel training program to effectively integrate ESG concepts into all business operations, thereby facilitating innovative development of sustainable financial products and enhancing our sources of commercial profits and market presence. This also demonstrates that commitment to sustainable operations helps foster employee loyalty, boosts morale, shapes a culture of sustainability within the organization, and enhances brand image. This in turn increases investor and customer confidence, as well as expands investment and business opportunities with us.
    1. Target Personnel for Training
      Business management units at all levels and personnel who perform ESG-related businesses.
    2. Content of the Training
      It includes the development and application of international ESG trends, sustainable operations, net-zero carbon emissions and industrial business opportunities, equator principles, responsible investment and finance, and other professional functions related to sustainability.
    3. Business Benefit
      1. Business profit
      2. Staff centripetal force
      3. Brand reputation
      4. Investors' willingness to invest and business opportunitiesA total of 243 people participated in the training program in 2022. By the end of 2022, the credit scale (loan balance) of cases related to green finance and sustainability Linked Loans has been created at approximately NT$2 billion.
  3. Financial Planning Consultant for Elderly training program
    In order to capitalize on trust business opportunities presented by the aging population, "Senior Financial Planning Consultants" and "Family Trust Planning Consultants" are trained to provide professional assistance in managing financial assets and planning trusts for seniors, enhancing trust business opportunities. Furthermore, by demonstrating care for the elderly through professional financial assistance, we integrate the business with social benefits to improve our public perception and brand image. This, in turn, increases investor and customer confidence and expands investment and business opportunities with the Bank. Additionally, by providing professional training to employees and fully subsidizing training costs (approximately NT$1.65 million under this program), we demonstrate our commitment to employee training and fostering employee loyalty, dedication, and retention.
    1. Business profit
    2. Staff centripetal force and retention rate improvement
    3. Brand reputation
    4. Investors' willingness to invest and business opportunities
    5. The training course of "Financial Planning Consultant for Elderly Training and Certification" was held in 2022. A total of 214 people participated in the training program (3.2% of employees). 54 people thereof have obtained the qualification certification of financial planning consultant for elderly. The relevant training expenses (approximately NT$1.65 million) are fully subsidized by the Bank. We expect to obtain additional 5,550 eldercare trust engagements with asset under management of NT$2.22 billion.
  4. Certification of Promoters of Urban Renewal
    Promoters of urban renewal are trained to serve the business of urban renewal in the future.
    1. Business Benefit
      Currently, a total of 30 participants (all of whom have passed the certification) are participating in the training to promote the business and services of urban renewal.
  5. Enhanced Training of Digital Financial Talents
    Digital finance courses are being held continuously to support the development of digital finance business. Also, we join the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance's FIN & TECH innovation cluster. In this way, our colleagues' new knowledge of financial innovation is enhanced by participating in various financial technology innovative experimental projects, simulation courses, symposiums, industry and official exchange meetings, and supervision consultations.

Independent Study Clubs and Projects

  1. FinTech Research Club
    In order to encourage the learning of FinTech new knowledge and to foster FinTech talents, the Bank established the FinTech Research Club in March 2018. In 2021, the physical lectures was suspended, and the online "FIN & TECH Lectures" were held instead in consideration of avoiding crowds due to COVID-19 pandemic. The courses with the latest topics are provided every month for discussion and communication online. A total of 12 sessions were held this year, with a total of 1,975 participants.
  2. "FUNDAY English Education" Learning Project
    In 2022, the "FUNDAY English Education" learning project was launched to encourage our colleagues to use it in a more efficient way. Language skills of their own can be improved to jointly create friendly and bilingual financial services. A total of 430 people completed the training.