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Human Rights Protection and Gender Equality

The Bank supports and respects the concept of human rights as revealed in the International Bill of Human Rights, and implements human rights due diligence to fulfill the responsibility for protecting human rights.

Human Rights Protection and Gender Equality
Human Rights Protection and Gender Equality

Human Rights Due Diligence

The Bank conducts human rights due diligence, identifies material issues, and assesses risks as per the scope of the assessment, and formulates, reports on, and discloses countermeasures or mechanisms.

  1. Human Rights Due Diligence
    Risk Matrix of Human Rights Issue
    The Bank's material human rights issues identified are as follows:
    material human rights issues
    The Bank conducted a risk assessment of the Bank's identified material human rights issues, identified the risks that might occur during the operation for each issue, analyzed the impact and influence, and then reviewed and formulated countermeasures and management mechanisms for mitigation. The implementation scope of measures and management mechanisms covers global service bases, with a coverage ratio of 100%.
    Human Rights Risk Assessment Table
    Human Rights Risk Assessment Table
  2. Human Rights Risk Mitigation Measures Management Table
  3. Human Rights Risk Mitigation Measures Management Table

Promoting Gender Equality

  1. The Bank is committed to achieving gender equality and implementing equal rights for men and women. The Bank established the “Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Safety and Health Work Rules,” and taking account of the protection and equal rights of employment for female employees, relevant maternal health protection measures shall be taken. Furthermore, four major programs for occupational safety and health prevention have been established, i.e., ergonomic hazard prevention program, workload induced disease prevention program, workplace unlawful infringement prevention program, and maternal health protection program, respectively; the maternal health protection program is for the protection of safety and health of female employees.
  2. Percentage of Female Employees
    As of the end of 2021, the percentage of female employees in Chang Hwa Bank was 65.65%; with female managers accounting for 58.96% of all management personnel; the percentage of female managers under 39 years old was 77.27%; the percentage of female new recruits was 57.14%; and the percentage of female departing employees was 58.50%.
    Employee gender ratio distribution
  3. Upholding the Concept of "Equal Pay for Equal Work”
    The Bank offers equal salaries to both male and female employees, and there is no difference because of gender or other factors. The starting salaries of new entry-level employees, who accounted for the significant proportion, are maintained at the same level as their peers in the financial sector and are better than the minimum wages set out in laws; their monthly salary is 1.43 times higher than the monthly basic salar y stipulated in laws.
    Equal Pay for Equal Work
  4. In 2021, 109 female employees applied for menstrual leave, 123 for pregnancy checkup leave, 134 for childbirth leave, and 61 male employees for paternity leave; 400 male and female employees for family care leave, 5 male employees for unpaid parental leave and 76 female employees for unpaid parental leave; the Bank assisted employees to return to work when the unpaid parental leave period expired.

Measures for Sexual Harassment Prevention

Measures for Sexual Harassment Prevention
Improvement Plan

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement