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Human Rights Protection

The Bank's values are centered around people and we are committed to following and safeguarding the international principles of fundamental human rights and the Bank's human rights policy, properly maintaining workplace health, actively assisting disadvantaged groups, and providing stakeholders with smooth communication channels, thereby creating a corporate culture that complies with laws, regulations and building a solid foundation for sustainable development.

  1. Human Rights Protection
  2. Human Rights Protection
  3. Human Rights Protection
  4. Human Rights Protection
  5. Human Rights Protection
  6. Human Rights Protection
  7. Human Rights Protection
  8. Human Rights Protection

Promoting Diversity and Equality

Equality in the Workplace.

The Bank is committed to diversity and equality, placing a strong emphasis on gender equality and development. Among all 6,678 employees, there are 2,382 men and 4,296 women*, representing a gender ratio of about 3.6:6.4. The gender ratio for managerial positions is approximately 4:6, demonstrating that the Bank's talent cultivation and promotion system do not differentiate based on gender. All employees have equal opportunities for training and development. In terms of workforce structure, the Bank aims to have female employees comprise 60% of the total workforce and ensure that no single gender exceeds 70% of the total as part of its workforce management objectives.

  1. * Data date : December 31, 2022
  2. Gender Analysis of Employee Ranks

Equal Pay for Equal Work

The Bank's employee remuneration exceeds the statutory minimum wage. The male-to-female starting salary ratio for new hires is 1:1, adhering to the principle of fairness and equal pay for equal work, and there is no differentiation based on gender or other factors. Monthly salaries are more than 1.43 times the statutory monthly minimum wage.

  1. Equal Pay for Equal Work

Maternal Health

To safeguard the physical and mental health of pregnant and postpartum employees, the Bank has devised the "Maternal Health Protection Program," which includes assessments of the physical and mental needs of pregnant and postpartum employees, evaluations of workplace risks, hazard controls, appropriate work arrangements, regular follow-ups, and performance evaluations. These initiatives aim to create a female-friendly working environment that protects women's rights and promotes gender equality.

Family and Women-friendly

The Bank provides various maternity and childcare leaves, including maternity leave, miscarriage leave, prenatal visit leave, paternity leave, family care leave, unpaid parental leave, flexible working hours, childbirth allowances, and preferential childcare programs. These measures alleviate the burden of family and childcare responsibilities, maintain a balance between family and work, and indirectly encourage childbirth and attract talents. Furthermore, we provide menstrual leave for female employees, demonstrating our commitment to women's physiological health and creating a supportive work environment that enables them to fully engage and realize their potential, thereby promoting equal employment opportunities.

  1. Family and Women-friendly
  2. Status of Unpaid Parental Leaves
    1. Childbirth Allowances
      The Bank began to subsidize employees who have been employed for a full year from 2020 with NT$30,000 for the first newborn, NT$60,000 for the second one, and NT$100,000 for the third one and above. In 2022, 116 employees applied for such subsidies, and the actual number of newborns was 123. The total subsidy amount was NT$5.71 million.
  3. Working Time and Work-Life Balance
  4. Other Benefits

Gender equality advocacy

The Bank actively promotes gender equality training and incorporates gender equality advocacy and courses into the orientation training for new employees, covering topics such as human rights, prevention and remedies of sexual harassment. In 2022, a total of 6 sessions were conducted with 259 employees completing the training.

Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Measures for Sexual Harassment Prevention

The Bank has set up the “Guidelines for Handling Sexual Harassment Preventive Measures and Complaints,” taking appropriate preventive, corrective, disciplinary and handling measures for sexual harassment incidents, and strictly prohibiting any behaviors of sexual harassment, gender discrimination or violence, and threat and intimidation, as to build a friendly workplace with gender equality.

Human Resources Division's complaint hotline: (02)2560-3658 or branch numbers.

    1. Implementation Status
      In 2022, the Bank received 2 sexual harassment complaints. Following the procedures outlined in the "Chang Hwa Bank Guidelines for Handling Sexual Harassment Preventive Measures and Complaints," a "Sexual Harassment Complaint Handling Committee" was formed. The investigation and deliberation were conducted in a confidential manner to protect the privacy and personal rights of the parties involved. The investigators and relevant personnel handling the sexual harassment incidents were required to keep the identity of the parties confidential unless necessary for investigation purposes or based on considerations of public safety.
  1. Implementation Status
    1. Improvement Plan
      1. In order to prevent sexual harassment and protect employees' rights and interests, and provide employees the working environment that is free from sexual harassment, "Chang Hwa Bank Guidelines for Handling Sexual Harassment Preventive Measures and Complaints" was established and announced at the Bank's internal website and Chang Hwa Bank Global Information Network for employees to review. 
      2. The Bank arranges related law courses such as prevention and remedies of sexual harassment in new hires pre-employment training and trainings for supervisors and assistant manager trainees, with a view to establishing a high-quality and friendly work environment.
      3. 無內容Handling Sexual Harassment Preventive Measures and Complaints