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Digital Innovation Services

The Bank adopts big data and artificial intelligence to gain an in-depth understanding of the attributes of overall customers and to provide financial products that meet customers' needs, thereby achieving the goal of precision marketing. We actively develop digital financial services based on customers' needs, apply FinTech technology to various financial aspects to build an "integrated financial service in client's life". The Bank has been committed to digital financial innovation and launched the "Bank 4.0" online business. Through the incorporation of application fields such as social media, we expands service channels, integrates physical and virtual channels, and optimizes customers’ interaction history in all channels to provide customers with safe and convenient financial services, enhance the Bank's competitiveness, and deepen relationships with customers while contributing to the sustainable development of the environment.

Understand Customer Needs and Communicating Promotion

  1. The Bank adopts big data to collect and analyze customer-related information and build an information system according to competent authority's plan.
  2. The Bank has established diversified communication channels to provide real-time online consultation
    1. 24/7 customer service center:Service hotlines (412-2222 and 0800-365-889), the official website, personal e-banking, CHB Mobile Network App VoIP and Customer Service Center “Customer Message” on the official website (contact by email).
    2. Intelligent customer service: the official website, personal e-banking, CHB Mobile Network App or Facebook, LINE official account have intelligent customer service, which can provide product and activity consultation or query personalized information in the form of text conversations in real time.
  3. Optimize customer service quality
    1. Intelligent customer service system:Through fuzzy comparison and context analysis, the meaning of customers' words accurately determined to provide relevant recommendations to create a good service experience. As of the end of 2022, the cumulative number of intelligent customer service users was 891,400.
    2. The homepage of the official website has been changed to a slider showcase, combined with new functions such as carousels to increase interaction and liveliness, and enable customers to quickly obtain financial information of the Bank.
  4. Optimize customer service quality
    With an eye toward enhancing brand friendliness and leveraging on the benefits of official social accounts, the Bank published posts on LINE, FB, YouTube, IG complemented with videos of the Bank’s image ambassadors to increase the number of active users, improve customers’ good impression and brand image recognition of the Bank. This would lead to customers’ applications for services via online or physical channels where the Bank would provide customers with secure and convenient financial services.

Innovate Customer’ Experience

  1. Digital Deposit
    1. Recreate the digital deposit account opening process and add capability of online opening of digital deposit securities settlement account along with fund trust accounts at the same time, reducing the time customers need to provide duplicate application information, so as to provide fast, convenient and uninterrupted online services.
    2. In order to promote ESG sustainable finance and respond to the government's green finance action plan, digital deposit customers can opt in for the Bank's “Green Deposit Program” when placing fixed deposits online and taking a step towards sustainable operation with customers.
  2. Online Financial Services
    1. Integrate the CHB Mobile Network APP account service and the payment function of CHB Wallet to facilitate customers' use.
    2. To protect the security of online banking transactions and avoid fraud, instant email notifications to customers logging into online banking was added to maintain account security.
    3. The eACH Collection Service was added to corporate e-banking enabling instant customer credit and debit transactions through eACH.
    4. In terms of blockchain applications, the Bank provides online financing services for the supply chain, can issue guarantee letters through the “Online Guarantee Letter Management System”, and in response to the government's ESG paperless initiative, introduced electronic letter of credit and bill remittance services in the domestic electronic letter of credit system. As of the end of 2022, 32 guarantee letters have been issued online, with a total amount of NT$1,165,150 thousand.
    5. The Bank launched credit line increase (online existing mortgage loan increase), added functions such as automatic scoring, prequalification and online contract establishment on top of centralizing the collection and review of instant salary loans and introducing RPA scheduling to automatically query for guardianship or curatorship with the Judicial Yuan, thereby optimizing the existing online loan application functions and providing holistic loan services.
    6. Promote digital transformation and innovative business models, provide a smart cash flow service platform for the traditional meat market, and create a smart cash flow service exclusive to the traditional meat market.
    7. Motivate customers to use transaction via electronic channels.Status of usage of electronic channels in 2022:
      Motivate customers to use transaction via electronic channels.Status of usage of electronic channels in 2022:
  3. Credit Card Promotions
    1. Issue "My Go Card" with high cash rewards for on-line purchases and focus on young customers. The card combines with "Digital Deposit" to give additional rewards and will strengthen the Bank's credit card product line and meet the digital financial trends.
    2. Issue cardholders' physical copies of written agreements and rights and interests manual in the "QR Code electronic version” to promote energy saving and carbon reduction. As of the end of 2022, 74,125 credit cards had been newly issued, which meant that 74,125 written agreements and physical copies of rights and interests manuals have been reduced.
    3. Introduced real-time card verification service. When customers apply for credit cards online, the system automatically queries the joint credit rating and related information, and scores the customers through the scorecard. Those who meet the criteria will be granted the credit card automatically and immediately to accelerate the process of card review and granting by automating the operation.
  4. Patented Technology Protection
    In order to protect professional technology from infringement, the Bank has established a financial patent application process to speed up the acquisition of financial patents, and has actively applied for financial patents, with a goal of filing applications of 40 cases annually. As of the end of 2022, the Bank had obtained 245 financial patents.

Electronic Payment Innovation - Taiwan Pay Digital Life

  1. Support disadvantaged vendors and provide Taiwan Pay marketing and collection projects
    The Bank is a strong supporter for the government's policy of increasing the proportion of mobile payments, actively responds to the revitalization plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Bank integrated “Taiwan Pay Digital Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers” to support small scale vendors, catering and night market merchants to overcome the difficulties of the pandemic. In 2022, penetration expanded to 21 night markets / markets / business districts, clinching the first place in the Taiwan Pay QR Code acquisition competition held by Financial Information Service Co., Ltd for seven times (2020~2022).
  2. Promote digital integrated payment QR Code
    Stallholders only need to display a QR Code for consumers to choose to use various payment methods, and stores can also control the cash flow and accounting management of multiple mobile payment operators (such as JKO, iPASS Money, etc.) through the collection APP, greatly increasing the convenience for both stores and consumers.
  3. Taiwan Pay goes phygital with cloud providers
    With the aim of expanding the use of Taiwan Pay, the Bank has introduced Taiwan Pay into cloud service providers, such as online ordering systems, smart vending machines, etc., through the virtual and physical integration of online ordering and offline pick-up, supplemented by in-store pickup or delivery services. Customers can place orders in the cloud 24 hours a day and can pre-order or pick up goods at designated times, saving store personnel costs and serving customers at different time slots. This allows the effective assessment of consumer habits and subsequent stocking, and significantly improves store operation efficiency.