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Green Finance and Products

  1. 1. Green Deposits
  2. With the intent of facilitating the promotion of green credit, the Bank has launched a green deposit initiative since September 5, 2022, guiding customers' funds into projects that meet the green credit standards of the Joint Credit Information Center (such as renewable energy project sites, waste-to-energy power plants, etc.), and collaborating with partners in the value chain to promote green energy development and circular economy. The green deposit initiative of the Bank has been evaluated by a third-party independent institution on the feasibility of the green deposit utilization plan, and an assurance report for the green deposit plan has been issued. As of the end of December 2022, a total of 1,240 proposals have been collected, with a total amount of NT$2.6 billion. 
  3. 2. Green Loans
  4. In line with the government's policies to assist the development of green industries, the Bank has launched several green loan initiatives to assist enterprises in improving equipment, transforming to low-carbon, and provided funds for the operation of renewable energy power generation, essentially walking the talk in the support of the development of green industries. Green Loans
  5. (1) Low-Carbon Sustainable Home Project Loan- Redemption for Large Diesel Vehicle 
  6. In cooperation with the Environmental Protection Administration's low-carbon sustainable home project loan, the Bank provides loans for the replacement of large diesel vehicles. As of the end of 2022, the balance of loans was NT$94 million with 6 accounts (13 loans). 
  7. (2) Support of Green Energy Industries 
  8. In order to jointly promote the development of our country's green energy technology industry with the government and promote the momentum of industrial innovation and growth, the Bank cooperates with the competent authorities to promote the policy of “Programme to Encourage Lending by Domestic Banks to Enterprises in Six Core Strategic Industries” and provided the necessary capital and working capital for green energy technology, green power and renewable energy related industries. Processing status: 
  9. Data date:2022/12/31
  10. Type
    Total loan balance
    Category of sustainable loans
    Percentage of sustainable loans
    Corporate Finance

    Loans for the green power and renewable energy industry
    Sustainability Linked Loans
    Consumer Finance
    Sustainable loans and mortgages
    SME Lending
    Sustainable SME loans
  11. 1. SMEs of SME loans are which meet the "Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" or small-sized businesses that are guaranteed by the SME Credit Guarantee Fund to comply with Article 5 of the "Business Registration Act" and those that are deemed to be small and medium-sized enterprises. For specific identification thresholds of SMEs, please refer to Article 2 of the “Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises” and Article 5 of the “Business Registration Act”.
  12. Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  13. Business Registration Act
  14. 2.Additional comment: "green power and renewable energy industry loan" and "Sustainability linked loans" have an overlap of NTD$ 6.12 billion. Therefore, when calculating the proportion of sustainable loans, the sustainable loans of corporate are calculated as NTD$62,608 million.
  15. 3. Sustainable loans and mortgages include NT$23,615.21 million for "Youth Assured First Homebuyer Loan" and NT$1.33 million for "Solar photovoltaic equipment installation project loan".
  16. 4. Sustainable SME loans include "Loans for the green power and renewable energy industry" and "Low-carbon sustainable home project loan–redemption for large diesel vehicle".
  17. 3. Sustainable Wealth Management and Insurance Products
  18. (1) Solar photovoltaic equipment loan insurance The Bank provides environmentally friendly “Solar Photovoltaic Equipment Loan Insurance”, enabling customers to purchase solar equipment with loans while responding to the climate change risks caused by the environment, and enhancing the sustainable economic application through green insurance products.
  19. (2) The Bank ceaselessly promoted ESG-linked trust investment and investment-linked insurance products, introducing sustainable products into the market economy structure to enhance customers' awareness of sustainability. Also, prior to each product review meeting, reviews are conducted on whether the investment companies or insurance companies have signed the “Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors” or “United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)”, and whether there are major negative ESG disputes. At the same time checks are conducted on whether the products to be proposed are commodities with direct or potential impact on the environment and society. If related issues are involved, product review will not be conducted.
  20. (3) Statistics on sustainable fund, bond, and insurance 
  21. Unit: NT$
  22. Statistics on sustainable fund, bond, and insurance
  23. In response to extreme weather conditions, the Bank unceasingly promoted sustainable insurance products, such as residential fire insurance that provides compensation for typhoon or flood damages. This offers policyholders basic insurance coverage and mitigates climate change risks, resulting in positive benefits for sustainable development.
  24. ■Revenue and product percentage of residential fire insurance in the past 3 years
  25. Unit: 100 Million NT$
  26. Revenue and product percentage of residential fire insurance in the past 3 years

Industry Limit Adjustment

  • 1. With the aim of fulfilling corporate social responsibility, the Bank considers industries that have a significant adverse impact on the environment or social sustainable development (such as non-public welfare gaming, arms and weapons, tobacco, and special entertainment industries, etc.), and avoid investing, financing, or undertaking after careful evaluation.
  • 2. Referring to the government's “Program for Promoting Six Core Strategic Industries” for the green power and renewable energy industry and the Bank's green enterprise project loans, the Bank assisted enterprises participating in the plan or engaged in green production and services in obtaining financing funds. Post approval by the 35th meeting of the 26th Board of Directors held on January 18, 2023, the credit limit has been increased by 1%. In addition, in response to the voluntary reduction cooperation mechanism for climate change, the credit and investment limit ratios for each high carbon emission industry will be reduced by 11% based on the credit and investment limit ratios for the current year.