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Company Profile

Company Profile

Corporate Vision

Since Chang Hwa Bank was founded, the Bank has been complying with the local inherited spirit of "Solid Management to Serve the Public". By upholding business philosophy of “Service,” “Efficiency,” and “Innovation,” the Bank has made a long-term commitment to the business innovation, improvement of service quality, and expansion of financial service, in the hope of providing more convenient, more efficient, and more comprehensive financial services for business enterprises and the public.

Corporate Vision

Composition of Shareholders

(As of April 18, 2023)

  1. Composition of Shareholders (As of April 18, 2023)

Chang Hwa Bank’s Mascot

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Global Service Locations

Chang Hwa Bank's professional financial services cover major financial centers in Asia, Americas and Europe, with a total of 194 operating bases worldwide, including 185 domestic branches, 7 overseas branches, 1 representative office and 1 international financial business branch (OBU), providing financial services deep into the center of urban life and providing global high-quality financial products and comprenhensive financial services. The Bank also set up a wholly-owned subsidiary "Chang Hua Commercial Bank Ltd." in mainland China, with 5 branches (sub-branches) including Kunshan Branch, Kunshan Huaqiao Sub-Branch, Dongguan Branch, Fuzhou Branch, and Nanjing Branch, to become a solid backing providing high-quality financial products and comprehensive financial services for Taiwan merchants and overseas Chinese.

The Bank re-invested in the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary, "Chang Hwa Bank Venture Capital Co., Ltd." (CHB Venture Capital), which invests its capital in small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups with development potential, and provides entrepreneurship counseling and management consulting services to promote industrial innovation and enhance market value.

Global Service Locations

Participation in Various Social Organizations

  1. In order to promote the development of the domestic financial industry, the Bank actively participates in various social organizations and holds important positions in some organizations, providing advice on the practical operation and sustainable management of the financial industry in a timely manner, and contributing to the industry environment and sustainable development.
  2. The Bank shall participate in relevant industry associations as required by business needs. The application for participation should be submitted by respective units and follow the Bank's business authority division and approval process. Only after appropriate management approval (up to the level of Chairperson) can the Bank join. The management of the associations shall be conducted by the applying unit and its immediate Executive Vice President. The Bank also actively monitors the operations of industry associations, taking an active role as a committee member or representative in project meetings, providing input, and facilitating communication. This commitment aims to promote the sound development of the overall financial industry and ensures alignment with the Bank's net-zero vision. If there are any deviations from the Bank's business development strategy, they will be closely examined and communicated with the respective association. Currently, the Bank has not engaged in any lobbying activities. However, in the future, should the need arise, the Bank will follow the aforementioned approval process.
  3. The Bank's participation in industry associations is primarily related to financial business. The Bank complies with government policies and is subject to regulatory guidance and supervision regarding financial activities. Our participation in all domestic industry associations should actively promote green finance and align with Taiwan's 2050 net-zero emissions target and the goals of the Paris Agreement. In 2022, the Bank also participated in the "1.5 ℃ Climate Action Commitment" co-signed by the Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Taiwan (CNAIC), along with over a hundred other member companies endorsing the temperature control targets of the Paris Agreement. Together, we committed to align with the government's 2050 Net-Zero Pathway, promote low-carbon transformation in the industry, and safeguard the substantive value of participating in the Association. As a result, the Bank has evaluated that CNAIC's climate position aligns with ours. Each management unit of the Bank will continue to monitor the climate positions of other participating industry associations. If necessary (in cases of deviations from the Bank's position), communication will be conducted to ensure alignment with the Bank's position.
  4. List of Various Social Organizations the Bank Participates In

Participation and Dedication in Public Affairs and Policy

  1. In order to understand the development of the financial industry, promote the common interests of the industry, and assist the government in implementing financial policies, the Bank and its subsidiaries actively participate in relevant domestic and foreign associations and social organizations. The Bank not only pays regular membership fees according to their regulations but also makes donations to some of the social organizations.
  2. The total donation amount in 2022 was approximately NT$11,416 thousand. The top 3 organizations that received the most donations were The Bankers Association of the R.O.C. (BAROC), Trust Association of R.O.C. (TAROC), and Bankers Association of the Philippines, in the amount of approximately NT$6,821 thousand, NT$1,207 thousand, and NT$512 thousand respectively. No contributions to political organizations, candidates, or other interest groups were made in the past 4 years.
  3. The Amount of Participation and Dedication in the last four years - by Type of Participation
  4. The Amount of Participation and Dedication in 2022