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Financial Inclusion

Provision of Various Relief Loans in Line with the Government's Policies

The Bank assumes the responsibility for caring for customers and actively supports the government's various relief policies to assist customers affected by COVID-19, such as the relief measures launched by various ministries, the Central Bank financing project, the worker relief loans, and other relevant relief projects. The implementation has been quite effective.

Provision of Various Relief Loans in Line with the Government's Policies

Assistance to Entrepreneurs to Realize Dreams

To assist enterprises and young people in obtaining venture capital, thereby achieving inclusive financial services, the Bank provides relevant loans as follows:

  1. Assistance to Entrepreneurs to Realize Dreams

Support of SMEs and Community Development Loans

  1. Although the scale of SMEs is relatively small, their business strategies are flexible, and can quickly adapt to the changes and challenges of the external environment. The SMEs account for 98.93% of the business field in our country by the Important SME Statistics in 2020 reported from the Ministry of Economic Affairs the (as per Ministry of Economic Affairs – Important SME Statistics in 2019); thus, they are the Bank’s crucial credit clients. Our short-term strategy is to continue to develop the SME client base, enhance the foundation of credit business, and increase the market share of credit business while our long-term strategy is to actively strive for financing opportunities arising from the Three Major Programs for Investment in Taiwan and to support key innovative, creative, and green energy industries to facilitate SMEs' development.

    The Bank launched various schemes for SME financing to assist SMEs in obtaining funds. Total amount of accumulated approved loan is NT$232,377 million during the "Trillion-dollar revitalization project" period (July 2010-June 2021) with cumulative of 5,738 accounts (based on GUI number). Furthermore, as of 2021, the Bank undertook the "Central Bank's accommodation loan project" as follows:Support of SMEs and Community Development Loans
  2. To support the business of Hakka to enhance the service capacity or expand the scale of operation, thereby promote local revitalization and sustainable development, the Hakka Affairs Council has launched the “Hakka Local Revitalization Preferential Loan” policy. The Bank began to provide such loans in February 2019. The situation is as follows:
    Support of SMEs and Community Development Loans

Elderly Care Trust and Children Nurture Trust

  1. Elderly Care Trust
  2. In response to the government 's promotion of the elderly care trust system, we provide preferential plans for payment upon signing and management fees to the elderly and people with disabilities in applying for the elderly care trust. The Bank operates the trust business for the elderly and people with disabilities. As of the end of 2021, there were a total of 2,414 valid contracts with a total trust property amount of NT$964 million. In 2021, we were named the Bank of Excellence in the 2020 "Property Trust for the Elderly and the Disabled Evaluation" by the FSC.
  3. Children Nurture Trust
  4. We offered child care trust for customers who intend to plan ahead for the living, education, entrepreneurship, or marriage of their underage children or disabled children. By using our child care trust services, customers prevented their children from being subjected to fund shortage due to any change in family conditions in the future while legally saving the gift tax through giving separately by year.

Provision of Financial-Friendly Services to the Disadvantaged and Specific Groups

  1. The Bank has set up an "accessible service counter" and a "service bell" at all operating units. All 640 automated teller machines (ATM) of the Bank are compatible with barrier-free models, of which 11 ATMs are for the visually impaired and the Bank has set ATMs in remote areas to provide local people with convenient financial services.

    Provision of Financial-Friendly Services to the Disadvantaged and Specific Groups
  2. Since January 1, 2017, the Bank has provided people with disabilities with free ATM interbank withdrawal fees three times a month. A total of 934 free interbank withdrawals were offered to 99 people by 2021.
  3. The Bank’s official website, friendly zone on the online banking platform, and online ATM are all with friendly services adopted in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at the AA level, so that people with disabilities can enjoy a more complete financial transaction environment.
    The communication channels provided by the Bank's customer service center include voice services, customer messaging services on the official website, and intelligent customer services for those who are inconvenient to communicate by voice to use according to their needs.
  4. To help the elderly obtain stable living funds with their own homes to satisfy their financial needs, the Bank has launched the Chang Hwa Bank Housing Pension Loan since 2019, and provided the loan to 4 accounts with the approved amount of NT$37 million as of the end of 2021.
  5. To be in line with the long-term care policy and enhance the protection to the elderly, the Bank sells long-term care insurance products and aging-related financial friendly service products as an agent. As of the end of 2021, the sales are as follows:
    long-term care insurance products and aging-related financial friendly service products
  6. In response to the Blueprint for Developing Taiwan into a Bilingual Nation by 2030 and to meet foreigners' financial needs, the Bank has completed the establishment of 53 bilingual branches in 2021. It is expected to complete all 185 bilingual branches of the Bank by 2028 in line with the international trends.
    The Bank opened the "Vietnam Labor Remittance" service, which provided a convenient and fast way for foreign migrant workers in Taiwan to remit money to their hometown.
  7. To make it easier for customers who make moderate income and the petite bourgeoisie to invest in ETF, the Bank has increased diversified investment choices. For instance, the Bank lowered the minimum subscription amount for USD-denominated ETF from USD5,000 to USD2,000. Minimum subscription amount for CNY and HKD-denominated ETF was adjusted from 50,000 to 12,000.

Assistance to Debtors in Resolving Debts

For debtors who apply for debt workout, mediated debt workout, and debt settlement in accordance with the Consumer Debt Clearance Act, or individual debtors who apply for debt negotiation, we evaluate their income and work ability and other factors comprehensively, and encourage them to actively resolve their debts and return to normal life, thereby facilitating the recovery of debts. In 2021, the Bank actually accepted a total of 418 debt workout cases, of which 334 were completed, and 278 cases were established, with a success rate of 83.23%. The total debts negotiated with contracts signed were in the amount of NT$17,188 thousand.

Micro-insurance Donation

The Bank actively responses to the promotion of the micro-insurance policy by the FSC, and provided micro-insurance donations to people in the disadvantaged groups in the total amount of micro-insurance premiums of NT$98,879 through the matchmaking by the Chung Kuo Insurance Co., Ltd. and China Life Insurance Co., Ltd., in 2021 to assist disadvantaged people or persons with specific identities in obtaining basic protection for a period of time with relatively low insurance premiums, so as not to be affected by financial difficulties due to unpredictable specific risks and incidents.