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Fair Treatment of Customers

The Bank has established a corporate culture that emphasizes financial consumer protection, with the "Principle to Treat Clients Fairly" at its core. It treats financial consumers in a fair and reasonable manner, ensuring the protection of their rights.

Policy Commitments

The Bank implements the Financial Consumer Protection Act and relevant regulations, as well as the "Principles for Financial Service Industries to Treat Clients Fairly." We have formulated internal operating guidelines such as the "CHB Fair Customer Treatment Code," “CHB Financial Consumer Protection Policy," "CHB Financial Consumer Protection Practice Guidelines," and "CHB Consumer Complaint Handling Guidelines." The entire bank is informed that these guidelines should be strictly followed in providing financial products or services to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers.

Responsibilities and Management

  1. Treat Customers Fairly Facilitating Committee
    The Bank attaches importance to fair hospitality and has set up the "Treat Customers Fairly Facilitating Committee" (approved by the 26th Board of Directors at its 23rd meeting on February 22, 2022), which is chaired by the President and is composed of Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer. Through the coordination of senior managers and interdepartmental collaboration, the Bank will enhance all employees' awareness of financial consumer protection and the compliance of the Principle to Treat Clients Fairly, which will help reduce cost of noncompliance and increase customer confidence in the Bank's financial services.
  2. Management Measures
    1. The Bank considers customer needs throughout the entire transaction process, including design, advertising, sales, and contract fulfillment to service consultation and complaint handling for all financial products or services. This ensures fair treatment of customers in compliance with regulations for financial consumer protection.
    2. The Bank enters into a contract for providing products or services with customers based on the principles of fairness, reciprocity, and integrity, and fully explains the important contents of products, services, and contracts while disclosing the risks.
    3. The Bank has established a product suitability system to provide products or services suitable for customers through know-your-customer (KYC) and know-your-product operations (KYP). The Bank adheres to the Principle to Treat Clients Fairly, including fair and honest contractual obligations, suitability of products or services, disclosure and transparency, friendly services, and the practice of integrity in business operations when providing financial products or services. We requires financial consultants to comply with the KYC and KYP policies in order to ensure the appropriateness of the goods or services to the customer, in particular for the elderly customer, the important content of the financial products or services should be explained in a language or other way that the customer fully understands, and the risks should be fully disclosed in order to ensure the rights and interests of the customer.
    4. Before launching new products, businesses, or services, or when changes in existing businesses may affect compliance risks, consumer rights, internal controls, or risk management systems due to factors such as product structure, risk level, or target audience, every business management unit of the Bank should perform confirmation checks according to the "Compliance Checklist for New Products, New Services, or New Business." The checklist covers regulations such as the Financial Consumer Protection Act, Regulations Governing the Suitability of Financial Products or Services for Financial Consumers by Financial Services Enterprises, the Principles for Financial Service Industries to Treat Clients Fairly, etc. This ensures the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers and compliance with laws and internal regulations in the Bank's operations.
    5. Every year, the Bank conducts evaluation of the FSC's "Principle to Treat Clients Fairly" of consumers in accordance with the principle three lines of defense in internal control, declared the evaluation and implementation status, and submitted it to the Board of Directors for review and then to FSC for verification, to strengthen the protection of financial consumers' rights and interests.
    6. The Bank's compliance risk assessment (CRA) now includes penalties from financial supervisory authorities into evaluation metrics, monitoring potential penalty risks for our violations of laws and regulations (including credit, deposits, wealth management, digital financial products and services, as well as information security). In 2022, the Bank did not incur any penalties from financial supervisory authorities.
  3. Internal Audit
    1. Starting from 2022, the Bank has adopted a risk-oriented internal audit system. Based on the attributes and risk assessment results of each subject under review, the Bank has established audit items for operations related to financial consumers and the Principle to Treat Clients Fairly. Deficiencies are periodically compiled and provided to business management units for discussion on improvements in order to implementing relevant operations.
    2. When the internal audit unit conducts general and ad-hoc inspection, it also conducts an audit of the implementation of financial consumer protection or Principle to Treat Clients Fairly, carried out 219 general inspections and 417 project inspections in 2022, followed up deficiencies until improvement completion, and compiled the relevant deficiencies to business management units for discussion and improvement to ensure the effective enforcement of laws and regulations.

Education and Training

  • The Bank organizes consumer protection advocacy and training on Principle to Treat Clients Fairly to enhance the professionalism of business staff and improve customer satisfaction, with a total of 31,138 participants in 2022.
  • In 2022, the Bank engaged external professional training institutions in two training courses on fair treatment of customers and financial friendliness for directors, senior executives, and business unit managers. This was done to establish a corporate culture that values financial friendly services from top to bottom.

Customer Complaint Mechanism

Customer Complaint Channels

The complaint channels for handling disputes with respect to financial products or services provided by the Bank are listed in the product contracts; there are also a 24/7 customer service hotline, Text conversations with real customer service representatives, "Customer Message" section on the Bank's official website, mailbox and other open channels to provide customers with consultation services and accept complaints or feedback at any time. The Bank properly responds to suggestions from customers or disputes arising from financial products or services provided by the Bank.

  1. Telephone
    1. For local telephones, please dial: 412-2222; press 9 to be transferred and talk to responsible personnel (charged as local phone calls). 
    2. For mobile phones, please dial: (02) 412-2222; press 9 to be transferred and talk to responsible personnel. ▪ Direct contact with customer service representatives via the Bank's official website or personal internet banking, under the "Contact Us" – "Online Calls".
    3. The Bank's mobile banking App-“Customer Service Center”-“Internet Phone” and talk to responsible personnel.
  2. Official website of the Bank- “Customer Service Center” - “Customer E-mail Messages,” leave your opinions and personal basic information, the Bank’s customer service personnel will handle and reply during business hours.
  3. Text conversations with real customer service representatives are available through the Bank's official website, personal internet banking, CHB Mobile App, and official accounts on Facebook and LINE using the "Smart Customer Service" feature.

Handling of Customer Complaints

  • The Bank has formulated the Consumer Complaint Handling Guidelines, which regulate the acceptance, handling procedures, progress inquiries, and handling timeframes for financial consumer disputes. Upon receiving customer complaints, they are promptly handed over to the responsible business units for appropriate handling to protect the rights of financial consumers.
  • To effectively reduce the frequency of financial consumer disputes and improve service quality, the Bank regularly reviews the types and handling of such cases. We compile and analyze the causes and reasons for consumer disputes and develop improvement measures by the responsible business units for continuous review and improvement. Changes in the number of cases are tracked regularly and reported to the Board of Directors. The Bank will continue to optimize operational processes to ensure the effectiveness of solutions to customer complaints, enhance service quality and efficiency, and provide comprehensive protection for the rights of financial consumers.

Customer Size

  1. Individual and Small Enterprise Deposit Accounts / Individual, Small Enterprise, and Enterprise Borrower

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction toward Digital Banking Services

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the Bank’s digital banking services, and to understand the satisfaction and recommendations of customers with regard to their e-banking experience, we conduct the “Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey” on a yearly basis, as a reference for improving online banking functions and business development, thereby enhancing customer adoption willingness.

  • Survey Period: From November 15 to December 20, 2022.
  • Survey Participants: Users of the Bank’s “Personal e-banking” and “Mobile e-banking App (CHB Mobile Network),” as well as “Corporate e-banking (CHB e-banking)” and “Corporate Mobile Network App.”
  • Survey Content: Including the smoothness of e-banking operations, system stability, and overall evaluation.

    1. Survey Results
      ► Overall satisfaction: Most customers gave positive feedback.
      「Corporate e-banking and Corporate Mobile Network App」: Received 87.61% of "satisfied" or above*. 「Personal e-banking and CHB Mobile Network APP」: Received 87.79% of "satisfied" or above* *"Satisfaction or above" includes both "satisfied" and "very satisfied"
      ► Frequently used key features
      Frequently used key features
      ► Areas for improvement
      As some users expressed dissatisfaction with system performance, the Bank will continue to optimize the online banking system to improve customer experience.

Satisfaction toward Physical Channel Services

  • In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the Bank’s services, the Bank conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey for physical channel services. In addition to surveying counter customers using paper questionnaires, in response to the advent of digital finance, customers can also use the Bank's public computers, scan the QR Code on the digital number tag, or other diverse means to complete the questionnaire.
  • Based on 2022, this survey was conducted through 185 domestic business units. It aimed to measure customer satisfaction and gather opinions from customers who had transactions with the Bank from January 3, 2023, to February 4, 2023, in three major aspects: “financial product satisfaction” , “service attitude and professional competence ”, and“ overall service satisfaction”.
  • To strengthen the depth and scope of the content of our customer satisfaction survey, the survey of this year provides open-ended questions for customers to provide feedback for improvement. Regarding customer suggestions to increase financial products, improve the internet banking app interface, and install deposit machines, the Bank will promptly review and make improvements, continuously strengthening service quality and customer service to enhance customer satisfaction.
    1. Survey Results
      The satisfaction with "Service Attitude and Professional Competence" is 92.12%, the highest of all, followed by "Overall Service Satisfaction" (91.68%) and "Financial Products Satisfaction" (89.71%).
      Customer Satisfaction Survey in the past three years.
    2. Future Outlook
      With the principles for fair treatment of customers as the core, the Bank will listen to customers' opinions, continue to promote financial innovation and strengthen digital services, and strive to provide customers with the best financial experiences, thereby creating a satisfactory and reliable financial brand.