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Supplier Management

Supplier Management Mechanism

To promote the balance of economic, social and environmental spheres and sustainable development, in addition to actively fulfilling the Bank’s own corporate social responsibility, the Bank also promotes such practices among its suppliers by formulating “Corporate Social Responsibility Standards of the Supplier,” which provides advocacy on several issues, including corporate social responsibility, protection of employee rights and interests (including human rights protection, prohibition against forced labor and child labor, and encouragement of freedom of association) as well as environmental protection (including GHG inventory and setting of carbon reduction goals). For a single transaction amount of more than NT$900 thousand (adjusted to more than NT$800 thousand in 2022) the Bank also requests suppliers to sign a declaration to abide by such standard. The Bank hopes to work together with suppliers to implement corporate social responsibility. To improve the sustainable procurement process, the Bank introduced the ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement Guidance for the first time in 2020 and passed the Compliance Check of ISO 20400:2017 in 2021. The Bank’s implementation status of supplier management is as follow:

  1. Supplier Management Mechanism
  2. Supplier Management Mechanism
  3. Supplier Management Mechanism

Green Procurement

To show our emphasis on environmental protection, the Bank’s procurement prioritizes eco-friendly products with eco-friendly labels, carbon footprint labels, energy-saving labels, water-saving labels, green building material labels, FSC certified labels, etc., to reduce environmental impact. The Bank’s green procurement amount reached NT$24.91 million in 2021 and received “Private Enterprises and Organizations with Outstanding Green Procurement Performance” by the Department of Environmental Protection, Taipei City Government for 4 consecutive years.

  1. Green Procurement