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Development of Supporting Industries and Promotion of Placemaking

  1. In response to the US-China trade dispute and the motivation of overseas Taiwanese businesspeople to return their investment to Taiwan, the Bank responds to the government's policy by launching three major plans, namely the Welcome Taiwanese Businessmen to Return to Taiwan for Investment Project Loan, Rooted Taiwanese Enterprises Accelerated Investment Project Loan, and SME Accelerated Investment Loan, to assist domestic enterprises in upgrading and transforming themselves toward smart and innovative to strengthen their competitiveness. As of the end of 2021, the Bank had approved 160 accounts with an approved amount of NT$88.829 billion; 130 of them have drawn the loans in an amount of NT$14.194 billion.
  2. Responding to the call of the Ministry of Finance, we have launched the "Public Sector Banks Hand-in-Hand for Trillion-Dollar Revitalization" financing program with major public sector banks to accelerate the revitalization of economic momentum and to assist more enterprises in their transformation and upgrades. As of the end of June 2021 (the closing date of the Project), the Bank had committed NT$232.377 billion in aggregate to effectively assist enterprises in obtaining working capital in order to achieve the policy objectives.
  3. To strengthen SMEs' financial foundation, the Bank collaborated with the Small & Medium Enterprise Counseling Foundation to assist companies with financial examination and the use of cloud examination resources and to provide cross-industry and cross-field comprehensive consulting services to enhance their competitiveness.
  4. To assist enterprises in using the application of patented technology flexibly and to promote industrial innovation and transformation and upgrades, we have launched the Patent Financing Project Loan.
  5. In order to assist franchisees in raising the funds needed to start a business and reduce the initial financial pressure, a Chain Franchisee Loan was launched.
  6. The Bank sponsored the Fifth Entrepreneurial Star Competition held by the Economic Daily News to contribute to the innovation and development of our country's industry. A total of 162 teams participated through the industryacademia collaboration.
  7. The Bank launched the Keelung City SME Dream Loan to assist SMEs in Keelung City to successfully obtain the funds needed for operations. As of December 2021, 20 applicants had applied for the loan with a loan balance of NT$10,050 thousand.
  8. In order to support the business of Hakka, increase the momentum of services, or expand the scale of operation to develop Hakka culture and increase job opportunities for the Hakka community, the Hakka Affairs Council has launched the Hakka Placemaking Preferential Loan via the Bank. Since it was launched in February 2019, as of the end of December 2021, there have been 7 applicants, with a loan balance of NT$22,690 thousand, to assist borrowers in the Hakka community to conduct placemaking and sustainable de velopment.
  9. In line with the Government's strategy of promoting the development of the "Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan", namely "smart machinery", "Asia Silicon Valley", "green energy technology", "biotechnology and medicine industry", "defense industry", "new agriculture" and "circular economy", Chang Hwa Bank Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CHB Venture Capital") invested a total of NT$217 million in 2021, of which the investment amount in the "Five Plus Two" sector amounted to NT$208 million, accounting for 95.85% of the total investment amount.
  10. In order to accelerate the economic momentum and r espond to the government's investment plan of "public share partnership, tens of billions of venture capital", CHB Venture Capital has coordinated private funds and resources and jointly launched the venture capital plan, focusing on three major investment fields of "electric vehicle-related industry supply chain", "digital technology", and "traditional industry strategical transformation" in the hope to accelerate the upgrading and development of the industry.