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E-banking adjustment email to send bank statement service and cancel/modify email address service

  1. Dear customer, 
  2. In order to protect customer’s personal data and ensure the security of account, we will adjust the following services from October 25, 2019:
  1. The electronic bank statement will not be sent via e-mail from November 01, 2019 (ie, the October 2019 statement). Please log in to CHB Hong Kong branch E-Banking (https://www.chbebank. com) Select "Account Overview - Deposit Account - Statement Inquiry" to inquire.
  2.  If you have not yet applied for the CHB Hong Kong branch E-Banking service, please go to the [Downloads] of the CHB Hong Kong branch Homepage (https://www.chbebank.com) to download [Application/Change for E-Banking Service].If you fail to submit an application for E-banking service by October 25, 2019, we will send the statement to your mailing address by post from November 1, 2019.
  3. CHB Hong Kong branch E-Banking will no longer provide online appoint/amend the e-mail address through [settings of user management; personal data changes], [settings of enterprise management; message notification settings] and [settings of authorization center; staff settings】 from October 25, 2019. If you need to amend or add an email address, please go to the download section of the homepage of CHB Hong Kong branch E-Banking (https://www.chbebank.com) and download [Customer Information] Update form] to make an amendment. For the above-mentioned work, you can apply in the presence of our bank, or mail the application original by post.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact the branch office at (852) 2956 1212 and contact the deposit department: extension 26-29 or e-banking department: extension 33, there will be someone at your service.
  1. Thank you for using our E-banking service. 
  2.  Chang Hwa Bank, 
  3.  Hong Kong Branch 
  4.  September 01, 2019