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Debit Card


Eligibility and restrictions

  1. Applicants must be natural persons who have reached the age of 15 years, and must open a NT dollar current deposit account (excluding check deposits) with the Bank. However, minors should obtain the consent of a legal representative.
  2. Limit one card per deposit account. Application fee is waived for the first application, and for a second (or more) account card, a multi-card handling fee of NT$100 will be charged for each card.
  3. Cause the Debit card has the function of signing for purchases,the applicant needs to collect the card to the branch in person with identity card and the original seal,or be delivered by the bank staff designated by the Bank.

Card Function

  1. Equipped with all of the functions of a conventional IC finance card for deposit, withdrawal, transfer, inquiry and consumption payment deduction etc. 
  2. Cards can be used at all contracted stores with VISA logo worldwide for bill signing and consumption payment. 
  3. Cards can be used for online shopping, mail order, facsimile, telephone and television shopping with bill signing and consumption payment. 
  4. Cards can be used for withdrawing local currency at any overseas ATM attached with the VISA/PLUS logo by inputting magnetic strip password.
  5.  Easy Debit Card also has Easy Card function, which can be used for taking MRT, buses, parking lots and purchases in contracted stores etc.

Characteristics of Card

  1. During the consumption payment by the card holder, the consumption amount is blocked on the deposit account of the card holder through immediate network connection and after the contracted store applies for payment, such consumption amount is then deducted and unblocked from the deposit account of the card holder. 
  2. Support online transaction security verification (3D password verification mechanism). Provide greater security for shopping online at websites with 3D verification. 
  3. The card expiration period is 7 years. When a card is not renewed upon expiration, the card is still equipped with all functions of a conventional IC finance card; however, its function for bill signing for consumption payment will not be available. 

Limitation in Card Use

  1. The maximum daily and single transaction of domestic/overseas bill signing consumption payment is NT$ 50,000 (can be adjusted through application). 
  2. The card surface of Debit Card has no embossed card numbers. During the payment with the card by the card holder, if the contracted store uses manual press printing method for printing of the embossed numbers to perform card payment, such transaction will fail since no press printing of embossed numbers can be shown. 
  3. For transactions at self-service gas stations, since it belongs to special authorized transactions, when each gas filling ,the available account balance will be blocked a fixed amount(currently, it is set to be NT$ 1,500, and limited to 2 times per day) first;the card holder cannot withdraw or draw on such reserved amount, until the contracted store or bill receiving institution requests for payment from our bank at the payment deduction date, such account amount is then unblocked and deducted according to the actual consumption amount.
  4. To make purchase at the automatic ticket machine of Taiwan High Speed Rail, please select “Credit Card Payment” and then input the 4-digit passwords (birth month and day). 

Mailing of Consumption Statement

  1. Our bank deducts amount from the “Designated Payment Deduction Account” of the card holder for consumption amounts paid by using VISA Debit Card, and the consumption statement is mailed at the beginning of next month to the card holder for verification (statement balance end day is the last day of each month).

Cash Rebate

  1. VISA Debit Card provides a cash rebate of 0.2% (standard rounding off) for consumption payment with the card. The cash rebate will be periodically deposited into the account by the system automatically. 
  2. However, the following consumption items are excluded from the calculation of cash rebate: 
  3. Easy Debit Card automatic value addition amount, card renewal fee, overseas transaction service charge, various service fees and other newly added items of our bank.