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  1. The objectives of CHB are to co-ordinate with the financial policies of the country, to promote economic development, to serve the society and public, to safeguard public interests, to make the most of economic benefits and to increase the benefits of the shareholders. Since CHB went through the colonial period under the governance of Japan, the restoration of Taiwan, the moving of the government authority to Taiwan and the Taiwan industrial transformation as well, CHB has followed the traditional culture "Solid Management, Public Service" and has had a profound influence on the industrial upgrade, the economic revitalization and the increase of the standard of the people and of the international situation. 
  2. Under the policy in which the government propels financial liberalization, internationalization, and devotes to develop Taiwan as a Regional Financial Center, CHB abides by the management principles "Service, Efficiency and Innovation" and is dedicated in improving service level and broadening service scope to provide diversified financial services to the public and enterprises.