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Real Estate Trust

Real estate trust refers to owner of a real estate trusts and registers the transfer of the real estate to the trustee (i.e. our bank) in order to allow the trustee to manage, use and dispose the trust property (including land and fund) for the benefit for the designated beneficiary specified in the trust contract or for specific purposes according to the purpose of trust and the terms specified in the trust contract. Through the mechanism of trust, it is able to achieve the specific purposes of protecting the security of the trust property, benefits of the beneficiary and effective use of the real property resource etc. In addition, when the trust relationship diminishes, according to the terms of the trust contract, the trust registration can be canceled in order to return the trust property to the settlor, or register under the beneficiary or other obligee.


  1. Trust property is of the nature of independence, such that unless the laws specify others, trust property cannot be subject to compulsory execution; therefore, it is able to protect rights and interest of the landlord, constructors etc. during the development period, thereby preventing any delay of development operation due to individual owner’s debt issues. 
  2. Trustee adopts project management for the development fund in order to prevent the fund from inappropriate drawing, thereby promoting a joint development construction to be performed successfully, and protecting the rights and benefits of the beneficiary. 

Subjects for Application of Real Estate Trust

  1. Landlord and constructors engaging in joint construction. 
  2. Renovation of old houses, such as urban renewal participants and implementers. 
  3. House owners with the need for the transfer of floor area ratio and to perform real property repair and remodeling, such as households of the Dadaocheng historical design special zone. 


  1. Flowchart
  2. Please contact the service telephone of Trust Division of Chang Hwa Bank at (02) 25362951Ext. 2211