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Employee Welfare Saving Trust

Trust Structure Diagram

  1. Employee Welfare Saving Trust Structure Diagram
  1. If you are a responsible person of a company, do you wish to retain outstanding talents by providing greater welfare to employees?
    Please join Chang Hwa Bank’s “Employee Welfare Saving Trust” service.
  2. 【Case Example and Sharing】
    Faculty members and employees of Guang Ming University jointly establish the “Employee Welfare Saving Committee” under the support of the school management. Guang Ming University appropriates a fixed rate monthly as the mandatory saving contribution according to the service period and work performance of the faculty members and employees, and the faculty members and employees also self appropriates a fixed rate monthly as the voluntary saving contribution, in order to jointly submit to Chang Hwa Bank for trust management. It is agreed that it can be used in the investment of time deposits, stocks and domestic/overseas funds etc. During the retirement of the faculty members and employees, Chang Hwa Bank will deliver the trust property belonging to such faculty member or employee in equivalent cash.
  3. Advantages of applying for Employee Welfare Saving Trust:
    1. For company, judicial person or institution and organization:
      1. Retain outstanding talents, reduce employee turnover rate and reduce training cost. 
      2. Provide employee welfare, increase employees’ loyalty, promote harmony of labor-management relationship, thereby increasing management performance. 
    2. For employees:
      1. Employees receive indirect raise of salary, and are able to enjoy the trust benefit upon retirement or upon the terms of the trust contract are satisfied. 
      2. Perform proper financial planning, accumulate assets in a long term. 
      3. Trust property is of the characteristic of independence and is not affected by any creditors of employees. 
  1. Please contact the service telephone of Trust Division of Chang Hwa Bank at (02) 2536-2951Ext. 2215