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Outward and inward remittance business

Inward remittance

  1. Your inward remittance can be made through the general remittance network of Chang Hwa Bank in order to perform inward remittance swiftly, and the amount can be deposited into your foreign currency deposit account at our bank in its original currency or can be settled for sale in NTD for depositing into your NTD account at our bank. 
  2. To remit amount from overseas to a deposit account of customer of Chang Hwa Bank, the remitter is requested to provide the following three information: 
  1. Beneficiary Bank 
    Chang Hwa Commercial Bank,****Branch
  2. Beneficiary’s Name
    Please specify the English name of the beneficiary
  3. Account No.
    Please specify the 14-digit account number at our bank    

Outward remittance

  1. We provide the most complete remittance service and are your best choice for overseas remittance. The well-established global network of our bank is able to assist you to perform overseas payment and remittance swiftly.
  1. There are two methods of overseas remittance, telegraphic transfer (T/T) and demand draft (D/D).
  2. The remittance applicant is requested to provide the following information:
    1. Please complete the “Outward Remittance Application Form” and provide the Chinese name, English name, address and telephone number. 
    2. Beneficiary’s name, address, telephone number, beneficiary’s bank information, beneficiary’s account number etc. 
    3. When the remittance amount is equivalent to a value exceeding NT$500,000, the “Declaration Statement of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions (For settlement of sale only), and shall be handled according to the “Regulations Governing the Declaration of Foreign Exchange Receipts and Disbursements or Transactions” of the Central Bank.  
  3. Multi-country currency remittance service---Remittance without boundary, satisfy your diverse remittance demands:
    1. Provide the service of approximately 110 type of international currency remittance, and local currency can be paid according to the beneficiary country. 
    2. Remittance in USD or NTD, and local currency receipt amount of the beneficiary bank can be known timely upon the remittance, and there is no need to make exchange according to the exchange rate after the payment of remittance, reducing your exchange rate risk.  
    3. 3. Applicable to your various remittance needs: 
      1. Payment of bonus or subsidy or tuition fee for overseas students 
      2. Payment of amounts for suppliers or export business operators 
      3. Payment of salary of expatriate staff 
      4. Payment of pension/refund of retired personnel living abroad 
      5. Payment of interest/dividends or tax 
      6. Other various payment needs   

Collection of foreign currency negotiable instruments

  1. Subject: Deposit accounts of our bank 
  2. Applicants shall sign the “Agreement for Purchase or Collection of Foreign Currency Negotiable Instruments” with our bank and provide guarantor. 
  3. Foreign collection bank or payment bank deduction fee may be determined based on the collection region and collection currency type. 

Purchase and sale of foreign currency cash 

  1. Foreign currency cash
    Provide five types of currencies of USD, HKD, JPY, EUR and CNY.       
  2. Precautions for the purchase and sale of foreign currency cash      
    1. Please retain the exchange settlement memo in order to perform the reverse sell in the future with such memo. 
    2. When foreign currency cash is withdrawn from the foreign exchange deposit, the exchange difference is calculated and collected according to the difference between the foreign currency selling rate and the cash selling rate. 
    3. When foreign currency cash collected is deposited into a foreign currency deposit, the exchange difference is calculated and collected according to the difference between the foreign currency buying rate and the cash buying rate. 
    4. When a non-Chang Hwa Bank’s customer applies for exchange of foreign currency cash (USD/EUR/HKD/JPY/CNY) to NTD, our bank will collect a service charge equivalent to 1% of the exchange amount, and the minimum charge per time is NTD100. For customers applying for the exchange service with the “Cash Purchase Statement” or “Exchange Settlement Memo,” the service charge is exempted. 

  1. To understand details of the service content, please contact our customer service direct line at 412-2222, or please click Contact Us.