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Money Trust

Introduction of Money Trust

  1. What is Money Trust?
    1. It refers to the settlor (you) use money to trust and transfer to the trustee (such as Chang Hwa Bank). 
    2. Chang Hwa Bank will perform management, use or disposition of your trust property for the benefit of the beneficiary designated by you according to your instructions. 
    3. Chang Hwa Bank will periodically or upon the maturity of the trust deliver the trust property in order to look after the education, living, elderly caring needs of the beneficiary. 
  2. Trust Structure Diagram:
    Introduction of Money Trust Structure Diagram

Function of Money Trust:

  1. Through the use of “Money Trust” with proper planning, it is able to assist citizens to achieve the purpose of property transfer and legitimate tax saving in an efficient and secured manner. Different trust products can be customized according to the needs of customer, such as the children education tendering trust for young couple, care/tendering trust for individual with great asset, or insurance premium trust etc.

Advantages of trust:

  1. Early property planning: Trust property can be successfully distributed to the beneficiary designated by you according to your will, in order to prevent any future disputes. 
  2. Property control: After submitting property for trust, you still retain the control on the trust property in order to prevent any improper use of the property by your children. 
  3. Legitimate tax saving: According to your purpose of trust, tax saving can be planned legitimately in order to reduce tax payment. 
  4. Property with characteristic of independence: Unless otherwise specified, trust property cannot be subject to compulsory execution. 
  5. Confidentiality on property: Trust property transaction is conducted under the name of the trustee - the identity of the original property owner is kept confidential. 
  6. Design diversity: According to various needs of the settlor at different stage of life, different trust planning can be customized, such as children education tendering trust, retirement care trust, insurance premium trust etc. 
  1. Please contact the service telephone of Trust Division of Chang Hwa Bank at (02) 2536-2951Ext. 2215