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Securities Certification Service

Subjects of Service

  1. Companies with the intention to issue stocks, such as companies limited by shares etc. According to Article 161-1 of the Company Act and letters of MOEA: A company limited by shares with the company paid-in capital reaching above NTD 500 million specified by the central competent authority shall issue shares within three months after the establishment registration or alternation registration of issuance of new shares. Where a company's paid-in capital does not reach such amount, unless its articles of incorporation specify otherwise, it may not issue shares.
  2. Where the responsible persons of a company violating the provisions set out in the preceding paragraph for failing to issue shares shall be ordered by the competent authority to effect the issuance of share certificate within a given time limit, and each of them shall further be subject to a fine in an amount of not less than NTD 240,000 but not more than NTD 2,400,000; and upon failure to comply with the said order, they shall be ordered again to issue the shares within another given time limit and may be enforced successively each time against any further violation until the time when the issuance of shares is effected as required.

Fee Collection Introduction

  1. For new issuers, service charge is collected according to 0.03% of the total amount of certification, and the minimum charge is NTD 3,000, and the maximum charge is NTD 500,000. For certificates of renewal, reissuance, merger or demerger securities, the maximum service charge is 0.03% of par value thereof.

Type of Certification

  1. Our bank accepts the applications for the stocks, corporate bonds, new share rights certificates, share payment certificates, beneficiary certificates etc.

Application Method

  1. Please contact each business unit or Trust Division of our bank at (02)25362951