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Personal Card – My Love Cash Back Credit Card


Applicant Qualification

  1. Primary card applicant shall be a natural person above the age of 18 years old and equipped with the juridical capacity. Applicants of additional cards shall be above the age of 15 years old and are limited to spouse, parents, children, siblings or parents of spouse of the primary card holder.
  2. Foreigners shall be equipped with the residence permit and shall provide at least one guarantor of the nationality of R.O.C. or collaterals approved by our bank.

Documents for Submission

  1. Please attach the photocopies of the front side and back side of identification certificate of the primary and additional card applicants on the designated areas in the application form. In addition, please submit a photocopy of withholding tax statement or tax payment certificate of the most recent session or a photocopy of the salary income certificate for the last three months or other financial proof documents.
  2. For foreigners, please submit a photocopy of the valid residence permit and passport, and it is also required to submit a copy of the identification certificate of the guarantor.