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Personal Internet Banking

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Service Introduction

  1. Service Function
    Personal Internet Banking includes the service functions of allowing users to manage setting, NTD account, foreign currency account, loan account, fund service, credit card, gold passbook, loss/service suspension and certificate management etc. 
  2. Available Security Control Mechanism
    1. SSL Transfer
      SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an internet global standard protocol used for identifying website and website browser identity, and it is also able to perform encrypted communication between browser user and website server. SSL can be used to protect the security of sensitive information. When a customer applies for the transaction authorization account for the internet banking of our bank, he or she is entitled to the basic service of SSL security control, and such security control can be used in the medium and small amount transactions for designated transfer-in account, or the security control can cooperate with a transfer-out account IC debit card and IC reader to connect to the system verification of our bank. Once the IC debit card password is verified to be correct, NTD non-designated account transfer, remittance or tax payment etc. transactions can be performed. 
    2. Random passwords
      The generation of random passwords is divided into two methods. One method is to use IC debit card in conjunction with a card reader with OTP function. The other method is to use mobile phone message. After obtaining the random passwords through the aforementioned two methods, the random password security control mechanism can be selected during transaction in order to perform security verification. Once the verification is successful, NTD account transaction can be made. 
    3. Electronic certificate
      The main function of the electronic certification is the signature verification in order to confirm the identity of the signing person. Therefore, the transaction data can be ensured to have confidentiality, security, integrity, identification and non-repudiation. Our bank applies the electronic certificate security control to perform non-designated account transaction (such as account transfer and remittance), and it is also equipped with other security control mechanisms of unplug and re-plug mechanism, OTP password mechanism, graphic verification code and random button etc., in order to increase the security control strength.

Application Method

  1. Please bring ID certificate, passbook, original seal of account opening to proceed to any operating unit of our bank to apply in person, or apply through physical ATM (with use of IP debit card)  for application verification.

Account Service of Chang Hwa Mobile Network APP

  1. Download “Chang Hwa Mobile Network APP” from the APP stores (App Store for iOS system and Paly Store for Android System) of mobile devices, in which the account service is an extension of the personal internet banking service. Personal internet banking customers of our bank are not required to submit additional applications, but can log in their accounts to use the account service. Please refer to the service introduction in Mobile Internet Banking for details.


  1. Please scan the CODE to link to App Store and download Chang Hwa Bank Mobile Network APP directly.
  2. Chang Hwa Mobile Network APP_Android OS QRCode  Chang Hwa Mobile Network APP_iOS QRCode

  3. Play Store website link 
  4. App Store website link
  5. Chang Hwa Mobile Network APP further provides quick access links to the Lucky Charm and CHB IWIN APP, along with the functions of financial information, fund information, digital branch, customer service, account service, message notice and user guide etc.