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Corporate Mobile Internet Banking

Chang Hwa Bank Corporate Mobile Network APP

Service Instructions

Allow customers of our bank to download “Chang Hwa Bank Corporate Mobile Network” APP from the APP stores (App Store for iOS system or Play Store for Android system) of mobile devices, to perform relevant account inquiries of NTD deposit, fund, credit card, etc., review of relevant transactions, release, online instant operations of NTD account transfer and push message notice functions, etc. on the corporate internet banking. Corporate users can obtain company fund status at any time at any place.

Service Content:

  • Chang Hwa Bank Corporate Mobile Network

    Mobile APP

    Corporate mobile network is an extension of the corporate internet banking, and it uses the account/password of the corporate internet banking for login.

  • Exchange Rate Inquiry of Chang Hwa Bank

    Fin. Info.

    Provide Chang Hwa Bank’s NTD deposit interest rate, foreign currency deposit interest rate, spot, historical foreign currency exchange rate inquiries.

  • Quick Login

    Quick Log.

    After an individual user completes the link to his/her mobile device, he/she can use the method of finger print, facial or graphic lock for quick login.

  • Account Information Inquiry

    A/C Info.

    Provide Chang Hwa Bank’s account inquiry services for NTD and foreign currency demand deposits, time deposit, NTD bills collection, insufficient deposit balance, loan, fund, business card, import/export information, etc.

  • Pending Tasks


    For cases under transaction process at the corporate internet banking, customers can go to Pending Tasks to perform services of inquiry, review or release etc. via the functions provided under this service.

  • Push Message Notice


    Integrate with the push function specialized for mobile devices, exclusive message notice service is provided, such as the notices for exchange rate reaching target rate, deposit for payment deduction, internet banking transaction result service etc.

Applicable Platform:

  • Android/iOS


    Android 5.0 or above / iOS 9.0 or above.

  • Android System


    Scan and download immediately for installation

  • iOS System

    iOS System

    Scan and download immediately for installation


          For relevant services, please contact Customer Service direct line
    1. For local telephone, please dial:
      412-2222, and press 9 (single representative number in R.O.C., charged at local call rate)
    2. For mobile phone, please dial:
      (02)412-2222, and press 9