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Foreign-currency denominated negotiable certificates of deposit

~~~Provide diverse investment channels to you


  1. Free transfer, flexible use of funds 
  2. Adopt separated taxation system for individuals in the jurisdiction, provide a great tax saving tool to individuals with high income 
  3. Great assistance to corporate fund management. 
  4. Bank issued NCD, safe investment with benefits. 

Introduction of business

  1. Subscription amount shall be multiples of USD 100,000, AUD 100,000, RMB 500,000. 
  2. Deposit term with the minimum period of 1 week, and maximum period of 1 year. 
  3. Midway withdrawal or change of contract content are not accepted. Upon maturity, amount is automatically transferred into the foreign demand account of the investor. Applications for monthly collection of interest or automatic renewal for deposit are not accepted.  
  4. Adopt non-physical method for issuance, and registered at the Taiwan Depository & Cleaning Corporation (TDCC). May be transferred freely through currency market; however, the ultimate holder shall be based on the information registered at TDCC. 


  1. For the interest income of foreign currency NCD, tax payment shall be withheld according to the regulations for taxation of short-term transaction instrument tax and based on the tax withholding standard for various types of income (except for those exempted from tax withholding). If separate taxation is adopted for individual: For an individual with a profit-seeking enterprise in a fixed operating place in the jurisdiction of R.O.C., the interest income shall be counted into the income of the profit-seeking enterprise of the current for the computation of the tax amount. 
  2. The withholding of payments related to Interest income of foreign currency NCD and National Health Insurance supplementary premium etc. shall be handled by TDCC for the withholding. 
  3. Foreign NCD is not covered by the deposit insurance scope specified by Central Deposit Insurance Corporation
  4. Since foreign currency NCD can be transferred freely, applications for deposit balance certificates are not provided. 
  5. Foreign NCD can be used as collateral. 
  6. To apply for foreign currency NCD, it is necessary to open a short-term transaction instrument transfer account, and use the foreign currency deposit account as the account for transaction settlement. 
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