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Scope of business:

  1. To accept Cheque Deposits; 
  2. To accept Current Deposits; 
  3. To accept Time Deposits;
  4. To issue Bank Debentures;
  5. To extend short-term, medium-term and long-term loans; 
  6. To handle discount bills and notes;
  7. To invest in government bonds, short-term notes, corporate bonds, Bank Debentures and corporate stocks; 
  8. To handle domestic and foreign remittances; 
  9. To accept commercial drafts;
  10. To issue domestic and foreign Letters of Credit; 
  11. To guarantee the issuance of corporate bonds; 
  12. To provide guarantee for domestic and foreign transactions; 
  13. To act as collecting and paying agent; 
  14. To act as agent to sell government bonds, treasury notes, corporate bonds and stocks; 
  15. To conduct credit card business;
  16. To conduct trust business;
  17. To conduct securities business;
  18. To conduct warehousing, custody and agency businesses in relation to the businesses in the preceding 17 items subparagraphs;
  19. To engage in futures introducing broker business;
  20. To conduct life insurance agency business; 
  21. To conduct property insurance agency business; and
  22. To conduct other relevant business which may be authorized by the Competent Authority.