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Salary and Welfare


  1. Chang Hwa Bank provides a reasonable salary system that is of motivation, market standard and fairness. A total of twelve months of salary is paid annually.


  1. Annual bonuses: Spring Festival bonus and Mid-Autumn Festival bonus. 
  2. Variable bonuses: Performance bonus, sales bonus, employee compensation etc. are issued according to the nature of job positions and employees’ performance at work. 

Insurance and Benefits

  1. Employee basic insurances: Labor insurance, national health insurance, employer’s liability insurance 
  2. Employees’ favorable deposits Employee’s favorable interest rate for loans: 
  3. Employee residential house purchase loan, employee consumption loan 

Employee Welfare Committee

  1. Cultural and recreation activities for three important holidays 
  2.  Children education scholarship 
  3.  Employee convenient store 

Sports Committee

  1. Organizing activities of basketball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, badminton, hiking etc.

Other Welfare

  1. One time of employee physical examination every two years 
  2. Employee uniform 
  3. Lunch allowance 

Retirement and Pension

  1. Retirement pension favorable deposits