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Government Bond Re-purchase/Reverse Re-purchase Service

Trading Subject Matter

  1. Taiwan Government Bonds

Trading Type

  1. Re-purchase/Reverse Re-purchase

Trading Amount

  1. The minimum amount of each transaction of re-purchase (RP) is NT$ 2 million in principle 
  2. Reverse re-purchase (RS) (limited to bills financial industry only)  

Trading Time-Limit

  1. Select any period of days, and limited to within three months in principle


  1. Natural person and judicial person

Transaction charge

  1. Please contact via telephone or at the counter of any operating units of our bank in person for price quotes and trading information 
  2. For applicants without a deposit account at our bank, please open a deposit account at a nearby operating unit of our bank to facilitate the settlement operations 
  3. Customer service telephone: (02) 25362951 Ext. 2595  

Service Characteristics

  1. High liquidity, easy conversion into cash
    Linked subject matters is the government bond with high security and liquidity. When the investor requires a cash fund, the contract can be terminated early at any time, and the interest income is calculated based on the interest rate announced on the current day
  2. Simple and easy transaction procedure
    Once account opening is complete, investors can simply contact the traders at our bank through telephone for trading details of the amount, period, interest rate, payment method etc. in order to complete the trading
  3. Taxation system:  
    1. Natural person: For natural person with gain from re-purchase/reverse repurchase of bonds, 10% of separate tax is adopted, and it is exempted from incorporated into the individual income tax. 
    2. Juridical person: For judicial persons with gain from re-purchase/reverse repurchase of bonds, an advance withholding of 10% is adopted, and interest income is incorporated into the profit-seeking enterprise income for taxation. The advanced withholding tax amount can be incorporated into the “Imputation Credit Account.” For foundations equipped with the qualification of tax exemption, tax exemption or tax return can still be applied according to the law.